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For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
-Matthew 6:21 was like any other seaman's chest on the outside, the initial "B" burned on top of it with a hot iron and the corners somewhat smashed and broken as by long, rough usage...
...the miscellany began - a quadrant, a tin canikin, several sticks of tobacco, two brace of very handsome pistols, a piece of bar silver, an old Spanish watch, and some trinkets of little value and mostly of foreign make, a pair of compasses mounted with brass, and five or six West Indian shells.  I have often wondered why he should have carried about these shells with him in his wandering, guilty and hunted life...
- Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island
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Navajo Prayer

by Lisal Kayati Roberts on 04/09/10

I will be happy forevever

Nothing will hinder me

I will walk with beauty before me

I will walk with beauty behind me

I will walk with beauty below me

I will walk with beauty above me

I will walk with beauty around me

My words will be beautiful


Words have incredible power.  Surround yourself with beautiful words. Surround the ones you love with them. The words we speak and read imprint themselves on our psyches. 

 Give the world beauty and it always comes back to ways you least expect.

My treasured friend, Sarah, gives the gift of beautiful words to everyone that touches her life.  I am fortunate to be one of them.  It is no surprise that the gift of theNavajo Prayer, inscribed in pure silver, came to me from her. They have inspired me again and again, especially when the horizon seems dark.  Sarah, you rock!

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1. Me said on 4/20/10 - 04:23PM
You rock!! I am enjoying getting to read your writing again....

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