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For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
-Matthew 6:21 was like any other seaman's chest on the outside, the initial "B" burned on top of it with a hot iron and the corners somewhat smashed and broken as by long, rough usage...
...the miscellany began - a quadrant, a tin canikin, several sticks of tobacco, two brace of very handsome pistols, a piece of bar silver, an old Spanish watch, and some trinkets of little value and mostly of foreign make, a pair of compasses mounted with brass, and five or six West Indian shells.  I have often wondered why he should have carried about these shells with him in his wandering, guilty and hunted life...
- Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island
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by Lisal Kayati Roberts on 03/29/10

Look at that face!  Yikes...he has so much character it's almost criminal.  This little guy's life has been dramatically altered by every human that has been committed to his survival and success shortly after he came into this world.  He bounded into my life this past Christmas with a joyous energy that has forever changed me.

This irrascible little fellow started his life in a bad puppy mill. His mother and other siblings succumbed to Parvo. Parvo is viral and a merciless killer, especially among puppies.  Untreated, it means almost certain death. 

Red #5 (his first given name) was fortunate from early on, as he was rescued by a wonderful veterinarian.  She removed him from a toxic environment, quarantined him and administered anti-viral medication.  He was given nutritious food and lots of fluid, but most importantly,  a love and commitment that comes only from compassionate kindness.  The vet took on responsibilty not only for his survival, but his happiness.  He became the darling of the clinic that saved his life.

After being fostered in several homes that were not ideal for his nervous energy and temperament, Regiment(his second given name) came home with us.  His behavior was not ideal.  He peed everywhere.  He cowered at every loud noise and yelped as if he was being beaten if he was reprimanded.  He was underweight and anxiety-ridden.  But even with all of these bad habits, he was so sweet and loving, I couldn't resist him.

Redmund (his third and final given name) has thrived in our pack.  We have old, quiet dogs and we live a quiet, steady life. He has shed his bad habits and put on weight. He keeps an aging household young and vibrant as he tears around looking for fun and food.  He nestles right down into our puppy pile and rests with the old guys until his next adventure.

How lucky can you get? He is a treasure in every sense of the word. He is treasured and I think he knows it...

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